Culled from the "recycle" bins in front of grocery stores, brightly colored plastic bags (I am fond of those with lots of advertising pictures and text) were cut into strips to make the "yarn" then knitted to make these wraps. Recycling has its place - however, it's not the solution to the plastic bag problem. Recycling rates for plastic bags are extremely low. Only 3% of plastic bags end up getting recycled. Furthermore many bags collected for recycling never get recycled. A growing trend is to ship them to countries like India and China which are rapidly becoming the dumping grounds for the Western world's glut of recyclables. Rather than being recycled they are cheaply incinerated under more lax environmental laws.
Although I am keen on knitting these wraps, revisioning the plastic into a "fashion statement" I would much rather that folks refuse plastic bags in the first place. Then I can get back to knitting with something stickier like scotch tape.

Length 75" 

Boa, Boa
Length 170"

Cordon Bleu
Length 60"